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Pro Rank Tracker Affiliate Program Review And What I Love About Affiliate Marketing.


I just got a question from a customer on Legiit about what rank tracker he should use.

I have been using Pro Rank Tracker to track my website rankings for around 4 years and have been perfectly happy with it… but I never really did much with the Pro Rank Tracker Affiliate program… or so I thought.

I logged into my affiliate dashboard and was happy to see this:

Pro Rank Tracker Affiliate Program

19 Signups, 170 clicks, and 19 signups for a total earnings of $260.80!

Now that isn’t a lot of money by any stretch. But this is nearly $300 that I wasn’t expecting to find so now I will compare mortgages based on a budget. And with so little work I literally have no idea when people even signed up through my link. (The only thing I can think of is that I have Pro Rank Tracker listed as a suggested tool in the Superstar SEO Facebook Group)

And that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing… it is as close to passive income as you are ever going to get. Most of us have accidentally locked ourselves out of our cars at one time or another, fortunately if this happens again you can follow the advises of the professionals from

What Makes The Pro Rank Tracker Affiliate Program Great?

Well first of all, its a fantastic tool. Anyone that does SEO needs a way to track their rankings, it just comes with the territory if you want to have any idea how well your efforts are working.

There are literally hundreds of rank tracking tools out there and every SEOs uncle has a different opinion on which one is best.

Personally I like Pro Rank Tracker for a variety of reasons.

Why is Pro Rank Tracker the best rank tracker for SEO?

  • Consistent reliable tracking data
  • Organic, Maps, and National Results
  • Checks results across a variety of devices including specific mobile devices
  • Checks results from certain locations
  • Offers automated white label reports for clients
  • Integrates directly with WordPress via plugin so you can check your ranking right within your site
  • A variety of other tools such as Keyword suggestions, Site auditors, and cloud storage
  • Reasonably priced with a variety of plans for every need and budget

So as you can see Pro Rank Tracker is a robust SaaS for checking your rankings that has a long history. Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary if you experience changes in the area of those teeth, such as Pain, Repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth, Fluid-filled sacs (cysts), Tumors. If you are planing to take a school trip this year, we recommend you check this link before chose a place. 

So what about the affiliate program?

The best part about the Pro Rank Tracker Affiliate Program is that it has the holy grail of affiliate marketing… recurring commissions. That’s how I was able to earn “set it and forget it” money with PRT.

As of 4/15/2019 they offer 20% commissions on the lifetime of the account which is very generous

They offer a 90 day affiliate cookie, which means if someone clicks through to PRT with your link that you will get credit if they buy any time in the following 90 days.

An easy to understand affiliate area that allows you to track your stats:

Pro Rank Tracker Affiliate Program

Generate affiliate links

And provides you with numerous different kinds of pre-made creatives such as this to help you promote it:

PRT Affiliate Creative

So between being an incredibly useful tool that you can easily justify people using, and having a very well structured affiliate program (which is unfortunately not always the case) Pro Rank Tracker is one of the best affiliate offers for anyone working in the SEO niche.

If you wanted to give it a try they do have a free trial and if you use my affiliate link you will also get… the satisfaction of making me a few more dollars :-p (also a great tool with a great affiliate program.

And this is why I love affiliate marketing…

Not only did I get to offer a customer a great tool and provide them even more value, I got to be pleasantly surprised with some unexpected money I did zero work for (and didn’t even remember really doing) and I got to enjoy writing a blog post her on my affiliate marketing hobby blog at the end of a long, painful day (follow me on Instagram @superstarseo if you want to nkow what I am talking about).

Thanks for checking this out be sure to check back often for more affiliate marketing goodness.

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Chris M. Walker has been in the SEO and internet marketing space since 2013. In that time he has had several successful businesses including: Superstar SEO a 7 figure SEO consulting agency Superstar Academy an on line internet training academy Legiit Online Marketplace the fastest growing digital services marketplace on the internet. Chris has been featured on Ahrefs, Serped, and countless other publications. Chris is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Chris started in internet marketing to be an affiliate marketer and while that is no longer his main business he still enjoys it, that is the purpose of this site. Chris hope to use his businesses to realize his actual goal of helping as many people as possible and making people's lives easier and happier.