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Serped.Net Review

Serped.Net Review


Serped.Net Review

Recently I did a Serped.Net Review. Below is the video, the transcription of the video, and chunks of the video broken up into the different sections it covers! Enjoy!

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There’s a lot to like about Using this site has saved me a ton of time and money and helped me get new clients in my business. You can use it to find PBN domains, do site analysis, keyword research, restore old sites, and even use a site auditor and mobile prospector to get new clients. We’ll go over each of the tools and more, you can see all the different ways SERPed can help you improve your business.

Serped.Net Review: Expired Domain Finder

It’s really simple to find expired or PBN domains to build your PBN to help rank your sites. This tool has turned out to be the most useful to generate profit. I’ll show you how I do it with SERPed and compare and contrast it with another, similar tool.

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At the age domain finder, you can put in whatever specific niche or keyword you’re looking for, whether it’s plumber, real estate, or SEO. Say we want to find domains with a Moz domain authority of 9 to 20 and a citation flow of 9 to 20, and a trust flow of 9 to 20 are the majestic stats. If you only want to pay a certain amount of money, you can put that in, too.

Let’s say it’s expiring within the next three days, and you can use whatever registrar you like, but I find GoDaddy’s auctions the least confusing. Then you can use whatever extensions you like, but I mainly stick to are Com, Net and Org.

Once you click search, it will look at the stats and pull up all the domains that are currently available at auction. You can sort these by whichever stats you prefer. The tool then generates a list of domains that are available for auction or bidding and includes their price, their stats, their domain authority, their Moz rank, citation flow, trust flow, and so on.

If you want to see what they look like, you can click on a link that’ll take you to and show it what it used to look it. If you want to look in the archive, you can click domain history. It will take you to and you can look at an old snapshot of it. Then you can then look at the stats.

If you want to buy the domain and it’s indexed on Google, with one click, you’re taken right to the auction page. That’s all you have to do to find it. You can play with those filters as much as you like. But you’ll find a lot of results.

You can sort it by whatever stat you most like. If you prefer DA to trust flow, sort by that. In my experience, trust flow was a better indicator because DA can be increased really easily. Overall, this search took us two to three minutes.

Compare to Register Compass and Majestic

Now let’s look at Register Compass. To search for domains, Register Compass costs $37 a month. You can’t get the same results because you can’t put in a range, just a minimum or a maximum. But you can put in the same search criteria, such as trust flow, citation flow, and domain authority. It can get tedious sorting through all these parameters.

Once you click on “find domains,” it takes forever to load. While Register Compass gets good results, it’s slow. Then the results can be in the thousands, which is way too hard to sort through. If you go to auctions, that takes another few minutes to load. Might as well get a cup of coffee while you wait.

If you wanted to analyze a result, you can copy it and then go over to This site costs $79 a month. To get the Moz stats, we have to open Site Explorer, which you get three uses of it a day and then it’s $100 a month. Maybe $147. All that gives us is the domain authority, which it gave us right away. Then we got to look it up in the archive tab, and while this one is free, there’s nothing to find in our example. No results for, either.

This tool took us a good three or four minutes to load. It found too many results, and mostly spammy ones. It found so much stuff, it didn’t filter it out well. Some of the results turned out to be quite expensive. Then you have to have a subscription to this tool to get it work. You can come over to these separately instead of being able to just click and go right to them.

My Take review streamlines the process and this is how I’m finding all of my PBN domains now. I buy a lot of these for my clients because these are your assets. This is the most important thing to doing SEO: whether you’re doing affiliate or client, you have to have PBNs. You either get links from somebody or you build them yourself. I strongly recommend you build them yourself, because that way, you have more control over them.

This tool makes it so much easier to find them and bid on them right away. The expired domain finder is by far the biggest money and time-saver about SERPed.

Serped.Net Review: Ultimate Keyword Research

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Keyword research is absolutely clutch, especially for SEO and affiliate. But I’ve found that the tool that they have here is probably the easiest to use and the quickest to get results.

Using The Tool

You come up to tools and you go to ultimate research. Let’s say we’re making a weight loss site. Now, you could get more specific with the country or the language, or with local results. We’ll just try to go for a big one so we can see all the results it pulls. Then you search for keywords. This is a big term, and in just a few seconds, it found 700 keywords. It has found some pretty general ones: how to lose weight, Atkins diet, how to lose weight fast. Let’s just pick fastest way to lose weight.

Then we go over to get long-tail keywords. This will pull a bunch of keywords that will be easier to rank for. They’ll have two to four more words to them, so they’ll have search volume, but you can still rank for them easily. This tool found 204 keywords in just a minute or two.

Look at some of these terms: fastest way to lose weight at the gym. That’s an eight-word keyword with 70 monthly searches. I bet I could go put up a video for that and rank within a few minutes for it. Fastest ways to lose weight with exercise. Fastest ways to lose weight after giving birth.

These searches, even if it’s only 30 searches a month, mean that someone is looking to buy something. If you build a little affiliate site around a term such as “fastest way to lose weight after giving birth”, or put up a video, and offer a good product, you’ll have a good chance of increasing traffic.

From there, you can send it to the rank tracker, mark it as important, add it to a site, among other things. We can check to see if there’s an exact match domain available through NameCheap. You can look at all the keywords they gave you and go create some sort of weight loss site, create a page or an article on that site for every one of these keywords. Look at all the search volume and buyer intent you’re gonna have, and then you’ll have natural authority just from creating all these different articles. That’s just one aspect to it.

Rankings Features

This tool can also help you find good keywords for YouTube search rankings, as well. Say you incorporate the keywords, “how to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy.” I bet if you put up a video with that exact title, it will rank on the first page automatically.

This tool also features what ranks where. So if I want to go from a blog and see what sites I have, we’ll do Superstar Marketing Online. Let’s say top 100 things that it’s ranking for. It’ll go and look at my site and reverse crawl it from the search engine and find things that I’m already ranking for. If I’m on page three or four for something that I’ve never tried to rank for, I can then start pushing it up there and getting more traffic.

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This tool can also help you find things that you’re already ranking for and then just push it up. Look at this, Don Wilson Facebook marketing. Number 39. Get viral traffic, page 61. Isn’t that a term people are looking for? I could hit that with a couple of links and get that up to page one. How to rank a video, 49. You get the idea. There’s a lot of keywords that I should be targeting here.

My point is this: this will help you discover things that you already have a head start on. Then you can easily go and put some SEO, throw some more links at it, and start getting even more traffic and more sales. All from this one dashboard.

Keyword Analyzer

The last one here in the keyword research section is the keyword analyzer. This will look at the top 10 results of everything that shows up in Google or whatever search engine for your search term, in our case, Myrtle Beach SEO. . This will show all the metrics of the different sites on the first page. That way you can get an idea of what you need to do to beat out your competition.

The thing that jumps out to me here is that my domain authority could stand to be higher. Of all the results on the page, I have the second-lowest domain authority. I can do some DAS or hit some more PBN links to it I can rank a lot higher. This tool gives you the cost per click and everything you could possibly need to know about your competitors for any term you put in.

This can be incredibly valuable for competition research. You can export it, you can do new ones or past ones. It’s a gold mine. The keyword research possibilities inside this tool are endless, and you’d be crazy not to take advantage of it, because it combines so many different tools into one: Market Samurai, Longtail Pro, Project Supremacy, Those are $400 worth of tools. The keyword research is unmatched of any tool I’ve used in SEO.

Serped.Net Review: Link Indexer Pro

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The link indexer pro tool is so easy to use and really effective in getting them indexed quickly; especially for those of you that are paranoid about using the search console. I find that this is the next best thing.

There’s a couple different ways you can go with this. If you have a subscription to back link indexer, you can use the API to hook it up, or link pipeline. But I find that the SERPed indexer works just fine. We’ll come over to YouTube and upload a video. You’ll find that it’ll actually take longer to upload this damn thing than to use the indexing tool. That’s how awesome this thing is.

Once it’s uploaded, we’ll go over to my channel, grab this URL, go over here, stick it in the link indexer, and send URL for indexing. In less than a minute, the URL is indexed, simple as that.

I used to use Indexification which I believe is $18 a month. But SERPed eliminates the need for this tool. While Indexification is a good tool, SERPed does the same things and more. There’s another $18 a month in savings that this will give you.

Serped.Net Review: Content Restorer

When you’re creating PBNs, you can go about it a couple different ways. You can buy the expired domain, then get some hosting, put up a site, install WordPress, and then make the site look like new and relevant to what you’re trying to link to and trying to rank, whether it’s your client site, your affiliate site, your video or whatever.

You can also recreate the way the site looked like before it expired. That way, you can avoid suspicion if somebody from Google or whoever comes along and looks at it. Then you just stick the link in the footer or in the sidebar or someplace inconspicuous in order still get your use out of the site.

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I like to do probably 20% of mine this way, and the other 80% through WordPress sites just because they’re easier to manage. It’s a real pain in the ass to manually recreate the pages one at a time. Or you could just get this tool and have it done for you.

We’ll copy the URL from the previous domain example and then come over to tools and content restorer. We’ll stick it in here to show versions, and pick the most recent one. This will make sure it looks the way you want it. We’ll go with this version. It’ll feed it in here, you’ll click go, and that’s it.

Once it’s successfully restored, I’ll get an email that tells me my site’s ready within 10 minutes. Now all I have to do now would be to go buy some hosting and set up the domain on it, upload the zip file to it, extract it, and have an entirely new site set up that looks exactly like the old one. Then I can just come down here and stick a link into whatever my money site is and no one would know the difference. It’s really that simple.

That tool’s really awesome if you want to find a way to create your PBNs and diversify a little bit, and make them look more realistic and less suspicious if you ever get a manual check from Google. There may be other tools out there that do it, but this saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to manually recreate everything in HTML.

Serped.Net Review: Site Explorer

The site explorer will save you the most amount of money possible and more than pay for itself. This combines the results you get from several other tools all into one report and then give you some information that you won’t get in any other tool anywhere else. We’ll use my site, Superstar SEO, as an example.

You can do it with, without or both of the www version. We’ll do without ‘cause I’ve never used the www. We’ll analyze domain. This will pull data from a bunch of different tools that’ll give you the SERPed, which is their own proprietary method for telling you how good your site is on a scale of 1 to 10.

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You get the Moz rank, the DA, the PA, and the citation flow. You get the Majestic citation flow, the trust flow, and the ratio, and you want that to be as close to 1 as possible. Basically, it’s how close these are to being the same. Then if we come in here, we get all kinds of Majestic information: the total back links, the number of referring domains and IPs. You get the graph that you get on Majestic. There’s statistics: how many links it picks up, referring domains and so on, and the same thing from Moz.

You get the anchor text pie like you get on Majestic, where it shows you the different terms. If we keep scrolling, it shows what industry your back links are coming from. This one’s from computers, recreation and travel, society and future, news and journalism.  Here are the different topical trust flow categories, and this chart shows what referring pages have sent out the most anchor text.

Compared to Majestic

To compare, we’ll come over to Majestic itself. Majestic is $79 a month. And you’ll see basically the same information, if not less. If we scroll down some more in the other tool, we can come over and send it to back link explorer, and you can go to this tool directly if you prefer. Then you can do a fast or deep. For this example, we’ll just do fast. They’ll show back links, and it shows you all the links that it can find pointing to your site: what industry they’re from, what their anchor text are, and the metrics of the link.

It’s all the same information you’d get with Majestic, except Majestic is $79 a month. You can do a bulk URL analyzer, as well, so you can stick in Superstar, /Columbia, and so on. In fact, let’s go ahead and do an example instead of just glossing over it. This is also a feature available in Majestic.

We’ll pick all the metrics to see what we get. The tool loads in less than a minute. If you click the Charleston page, you’ll see the statistics, the SERPed rank, social stairs, domain authority, page authority, and so on. You can pull a whole bunch of links at once.

My Take

You can see a nice dashboard that we can put in a bunch of domains at once and compare them next to each other. This is also useful for competition analysis. But overall, I find the back links explorer to be the best one out of the group, or at least the one I use the most.

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To recap: you come up to tools, site explorer. Put in your domain. Analyze. It takes just a minute or two to run. And it gives you all the information you’d get from Majestic or from Moz, and it will add in its own statistics. The site explorer alone is worth the price of admission just because it eliminates the need for both of these tools, which are almost $200 a month combined.

Serped.Net Review: Site Auditor

The site auditor pro can save you money and time, but you can also use this tool to make money and land some more clients and grow your business. The site auditor creates an input form for you that will generate a report. You can then show this report to clients and show them where their site could be improved and how you can improve it for them.

The report is fully customizable. There’s tons of information you can include or not include. You can add a static image or even an animated background if you like. You also have a written summary and can include contact information. Everything is customizable, right down to what the button says, or whether you want to delay the sending of the email.

Once you have your input form and report all set up, you can embed the code to your site. Now, when someone visits your page, they can put in their URL and have their site analyzed. Then you’ll get emailed a link to the report and you’ll be able to analyze from there. If you drive some traffic to this page on your site, you’ll be getting SEO reports from potential clients.

There’s a lot of tools out there that do this. For instance, My Site Auditor does pretty much the same thing. It costs $79 a month, and it builds the exact same kind of thing. So that’s another $79 a month you’ll be saving.

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You send this over to the client, and where you see red, it needs attention. You can point out what things are wrong. I can fix this for you for free, and then maybe talk about doing some SEO analysis. There’s a bunch of different ways you can go oh, that doesn’t look good at all. Social analysis. It gives a ton of information, and while this makes sense to us, it’s not going to make sense to clients.

How you get new clients into your business, or at least new leads, while using this tool depends on your sales ability, if you can close them or not. I managed some success when I was using My Site Auditor, which is 79 bucks a month. I created this page, had the input form there, and then I ran Facebook ads to this page and had them fill it out. That way I would get their email address, they’d get their report. A couple days later, I would email or call them and follow up, saying that I saw that you did a quick SEO analysis on my site, and I wanted to set aside a few minutes to chat with you about it.

To recap: you’ll create the input form on the site auditor pro. You grab the code, stick it on a site or on click funnels if you use that. Drive some Facebook ads to it or however you want to get traffic to it, but I really suggest Facebook ads because then you can target business owners or whatever niche you’re going after. Facebook ads are powerful that way. They’ll get emailed.

Then they’ll get their report. If they don’t reach out to you, wait two or three business days, call them and say hey, I noticed that you filled out our form and you got your report. Would you like to talk about how we can resolve that for you? I found that it works if you offer to clear up some of these things for free for them, and then talk them further into SEO.

Now you’ve got a funnel that you’ve built for almost nothing, and saved yourself $79 a month. With this tool you can funnel clients into your business and turn the SERPed tool from a money saver into a money generator.

Serped.Net Review: Mobile Prospecting Tool

The mobile prospector can also get you clients. You’ll put in a keyword and it will go out and find sites that are not mobile optimized. Then it lets you email people that own those sites directly from the software. Basically it will say your site’s not mobile optimized but that’s something we can fix for you.

For example, I searched for the term New York lawyer. It pulls in all the sites for that term, and it tells you if they’re mobile optimized and if it passes or not. Then you can select a site and then email them and generate a report. You can customize the email any way you like, and put in your branding and an introduction.

They will receive the report and it’ll generate a preview. You can include a generate report link in the email, so now we can go email and download, put our branding on it. Next step: compose email, then preview and send.

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It’ll send them a link right to this report, and show them what it looks like on mobile. The text is too small to read. The view port’s not set, the usability is low, and so on. Explain to them that you can help them fix that and then once you fix that for them, you upsell them into SEO or to Facebook ads or whatever. It actually finds a ton of leads, too. It highlights good leads in red and probably not good leads in green, making your selection process easier.

You find the leads right from the software here, email them right from the software, and they’ll get right back to you. If you pick this tool up, I’ll be happy to share some email templates for you that I think will work with this. The mobile prospecting tool easily can pay for itself and help grow your business and get you some new clients.

Serped.Net Review: Miscellaneous Tools

Main Dashboard

In the main dashboard, you can add as many sites as you like, and it’ll monitor everything going on with it. You put in the keywords you like, and you can tell it the hosting and register you’re using at the beginning when you set it up.. It’ll tell you right here your Moz rank, DA, PA, citation flow, trust flow, and so on.

Then you can click on the different tabs, the site statistics. You can put all your client sites in here and keep track of what’s going on. It highlights the main keywords it thinks you should go after. Content word count and so on. You can look at your back link profile. I’ve never really built any links to this site, so there won’t be a lot there.

Then your competitors. You can check their full site stats, and so on. Then you can do an SEO review. It turns out just like the report that we showed before. It gives you an idea of what you can do to fix your site or your client’s site, and it’s a useful way to keep track of all of your sites. You can also do other things here: goal tracking, uptime monitor, analytics, and so on. I think that is a really handy tool as you always know what’s going on and you can see if you need to change anything.

Content Curator

The content curator generates articles for you. I wouldn’t go and use these for money sites, but you can use it for PBNs that are pointing to socials or to web 2.0s. You just click image in the middle or whatever video at the bottom. You don’t need to show videos or related news. You can put in a broad term, such as SEO, and start getting content. Basically this will create an article for you, curated from other places. You’d still want to make sure that it’s somewhat unique and reads well, but it’s a nice solution to getting content.

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Then you can just work in your keyword, and you can link right there. It’ll check the grammar for you and get content based on it. You can post right to your site from here. It has a video built into it and a picture. You’ll save a lot of time and a lot of money on content because content is one of my biggest expenses every month, along with hosting.

Domain Marketplace

In the future, it will have a domain marketplace, where you’ll be able to purchase your domains. If you’re looking for expired domains, it can scrape for domains. You can also search for top expiring domains. This will save you some time on searching for expiring domains that you can buy. You come over to top expiring domains and sort by trust flow or however you want.

We have found an expired domain on NameJet for $69. With 31 trust flows and 24 citation flow, it’s probably a really strong domain, so I would go and bid on this right away. It looks like it would be an awesome PBN for $69. This will save you some time by picking the top expired domain on Flippa, NameJet, GoDaddy, SnapNames, and so on. That’s another way to go about finding domains in the domain section.

Exact Match Domain Tool

The exact match domain tool will help you find a niche and it’ll help you find one. Let’s say Myrtle Beach spray foam insulation. You have to put in two keywords, and can specify which extensions you want. It’ll schedule it, and then it’ll come back and show you a list of different domains that it finds.

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Then it’ll generate a list of EMDs that you can buy to help you rank your lead gen or client sites. It’s a nice little tool to save you some time finding EMDs.

There is so much more that I haven’t even touched on here. You can go through the Google index checker, local tracking, site management, and so on. You can run your entire business from this one command center.

Serped.Net Review: Final Thoughts

SERPed replaces a whole slew of pricey services:

  • Majestic ($79)
  •  Moz Pro ($99)
  •  Register Compass ($99)
  •  My Site Auditor ($37)
  •  Pro Rank Tracker ($39)
  •  Indexification($18)
  •  Long Tail Pro($37)
  •  Keyword Supremacy ($47)

SERPed provides all the services you would want from these sites at a very low cost, saving you $435 a month.

I don’t praise tools that often, but this tool has really helped me and I think it can help you guys both save and make some more money. It can also make your business a lot easier for you. You get a 30-day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose to just try the tool.

With all the money that this tool can save you and make you, there’s no reason not to give SERPed review a shot.

About the Author Chris M. Walker

Chris M. Walker has been in the SEO and internet marketing space since 2013. In that time he has had several successful businesses including: Superstar SEO a 7 figure SEO consulting agency Superstar Academy an on line internet training academy Legiit Online Marketplace the fastest growing digital services marketplace on the internet. Chris has been featured on Ahrefs, Serped, and countless other publications. Chris is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Chris started in internet marketing to be an affiliate marketer and while that is no longer his main business he still enjoys it, that is the purpose of this site. Chris hope to use his businesses to realize his actual goal of helping as many people as possible and making people's lives easier and happier.