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Local Viking Review And Demo

Local Viking Review And Demo (Bonuses Included)


Local Viking Review And Demo

(Bonuses Included) Sign Up For Local Viking And Get My Bonuses At

Local Viking is a comprehensive GMB management tool.

If you’re a larger team that needs access to the dashboard we have an unlimited amount of sub users that you can link them up and assign your team to different locations as administrators based on location or geotags. The base plan comes with 10 listings that you can manage for yourself or your clients.

Connecting your GMB Listings to Local Viking:

  • Go to the Google Accounts Tab
  • Connect via Add account
  • Select your GMB location and watch the information populate

Local Viking communicates with GMB’s via an API key. You’ll also notice towards the bottom of the locations screen that there is a connected RSS feed to your GMB posts. That enables you to syndicate your GMB posts to every channel. Every Local Viking account comes with the RSS feed as a standard. If you have multiple locations for the same business, you can use the ‘multi locations’ function to mass upload images to these GMBs. Or, you can use the multi location posts functionality in the same way. If you want have a perfect smile, first thing that you have to do is take a wisdom teeth removal

Keywords Section of Local Viking

Every GMB attached to the Local Viking platform has 2 types of keyword tracking APIs. The first type of rank tracking is your traditional single integer being generated for a keyword. 

The second type of keyword tracking is GeoGrid. This is enabled based on a location level, which you can actually schedule out.

Local Viking Google Insights

If you’ve used the google my business insights dashboard, you know there are restrictions when looking at the data coming in. Local Viking pulls up to 18 months of data which is similar to analytics. This functionality allows you to splice data into two different time chunks and compare your progress. This is an excellent feature for agencies and agency owners to include in their reporting. 

Location Content Calendar 

This is the ideal tool within Local Viking for scheduling and tracking content being produced on your GMBs. Both images and GMB posts will show up in this interactive calendar.  If you have Jacuzzi at home, a natural hot tub water cleaner can be very important to keep it working in a good way. 

Edit Tab of Local Viking

This tab allows you to obviously edit your GMB attributes but you’ll be able to do it from the interface, through to the live GMB. This is absolutely crucial for SEO’s and agency owners. As we know, the GMB world is volatile and causes suspensions to take place on accounts. Through Local Viking, you’ll be able to safely make changes on the platform and avoid being suspended for them. 

What’s unique to the Edit Tab portion of Local Viking is the ‘lock’ mechanism. Here, it allows us to freeze the attribute in place. That means competitors can’t come in and change anything and notify you if there are changes made. 

GMB Profile Photos With Local Viking

If you head over to the Single Photo Tab on the dash, you can upload profile photos to your GMB. This saves on a lot of time, especially if you’re an agency owner with multiple clients in multiple city locations. When you upload a photo, you can select what category you want your photo to be placed in. The Exif tab in Local Viking allows you to edit the meta data directly on the platform. Coordinates (long and latt) are also integrated and embedded automatically from the same platform. 

Reviews and Q&A section of Local Viking

All of the reviews that come through your GMB’s can be attended to and responding to them all takes place on the dashboard in one place. For business owners, this is great because you can upload your own CSV file of questions/answers that are being asked and it will feature them. Again, you can do all of this from a single dashboard in Local Viking.

Getting Notifications With Local Viking

This section allows you, or any of your sub-users to be notified by email and/or SMS if anything is changed on your GMB listings. 

GMB Posting

When Local Viking was first created and launched, we were a posting platform for GMB. We evolved from there. You have 3 different posts types. The standard, event, or offer post types. Specific attributes for these post types are highlighted in light grey. This platform also natively supports spyntax. If you have a free Google My Business website, these posts will be featured on your website as well. The multi-locations post function allows you to syndicate posts out to different locations that you own after you categorize them with their own tags.

GeoGrid Feature of Local Viking

The GeoGrid pulls the local algorithm to show you rankings in relation to a location on the maps. This is a great prospecting tool for agency owners as it’s very visually descriptive. You can choose the distance between different points as well. For every Local Viking account, you get a set amount of GeoGrid credits, no matter which account or pricing you choose.

Reporting Functionality with Local Viking

This platform has full-white label reporting. Only pro accounts and above have access to customizing the reports for white-label uses. In the reporting tab, you can create a report on a pre-set schedule that will be sent out to your clients. You can select which insights to include in the report. For agencies particularly, default settings are selected where you can omit any settings that generate a 0 in the insights or decrease. 


How does using Local Viking’s Tools help avoid GMB Suspensions?

Everytime a change is made with GMB’s there is a trust score with Google that’s involved. When you use the API tool of Local Viking, it significantly increases that safety factor.

Is it Possible to Download Exif optimized photos?

Yes. If you scroll to the feature roadmap, you’ll see in the bulk image library tab, a section for downloading photos. 

Can You Schedule Photo Uploads?

Yes you can. It’s under the schedule media tab. You can schedule any date and any time for specific photos to be uploaded out. 

Is there a connection to Google Data Studio?

We have received this request many times and it is a feature that is coming! 

Are Grid Searches Unlimited?

Every account has Grid searches however, the amount of credits varies depending on which Viking Local Plan you are using. These credits also roll over into the next month. You can also buy credit packs.

Which Plans have White Label Reports?

The pro accounts and up have white label features. You can add as many of your own brands as you’d like. 

Are there training videos in Local Viking?

Yes, we have extensive help documents, youtube channel, and monthly webinars to help you grow. We also have a customer help desk during business hours.

Is it possible to flag reviews through Local Viking?

No. Unfortunately, through the Google API, there is no way to flag reviews. The GMB API lags behind the Google interface by almost 2+ years sometimes. 

How important are Offers to your GMB?

The offer needs to make sense for your business, but they are important. The events and offer post types are very useful. They should not be the only thing you are posting though. It’s important to diversify your postings.

Local Viking Live Demo

This is a live demo and review of Local Viking a Google Maps Automation and management tool that is literally changing the industry.

Local Viking Features:

  • Schedule and automate your GMB posts
  • Optimize and schedule photo uploads
  • Lock the various attributes in your location to keep someone from messing up your hard work
  • Be able to see your GMB visibility from numerous places all at once
  • Get automated GMB insight reports to see what is working
  • …and so much more

There is also some red hot training on How To Rank In Google Maps included in this live demonstration as well!

Enjoy the demo, then sign up through my link to start your own Google Maps Agency today!!!

Local Viking Review And Demo

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