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How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It Part 1


How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It: So one of the hottest topics in SEO and digital marketing today is video marketing, video ranking, and the kind of Marketing Attribution to acclimatize. Social Firestarter homepage provides internet marketing services for every marketing need. The reason is that it is effective; people are proven to prefer video over text (aside from this site of course), its far less expensive than it once was, and compared to ranking a website in Google it is often much easier costing less time and less money. The purpose of this series isn’t necessarily to show you how to achieve Google rankings for your video, though we will touch upon that, it is more to show you how having a high ranking video can help your business and your brand by increasing your brand recognition and getting more customers.

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

Just to bring anyone up to speed that may not be familiar with video SEO or what I mean when I say video ranking I will quickly explain. “Ranking” is a process of making a website or video show up higher in search engine results particularly Google and Youtube. The goal is to have your property show up for a search term that will appeal to the person searching for it and have them buy your product or consume your content. An example of a Youtube video ranking in Google:

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

See how when you Google search “Horry County SEO” the first result is a Video? That is essentially what we are trying to achieve with video ranking.

We can see a similar effect in Youtube:

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

If you have ever searched for anything online then the value of this should be obvious. The top results gets the most clicks, the most traffic, and in turn the most sales.

That should give you a general idea on what I mean by video ranking.

So now that we know what video ranking is and why it is valuable the next question is most likely “so how do we do it?”

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

Video ranking could be a course all by itself, and in fact I may be releasing one at some point (Sign up to be notified if I do), but basically here are some general steps:

  • Name the video file the search term you wish to rank for
  • Make the title of the video the term you wish to rank for
  • Upload a thumbnail for the video. Make the filename the term you wish to rank for
  • Make the tag of the video the term you wish to rank for and make some synonyms of the term as tags as well (IE: Horry County SEO, SEO Horry county etc…)
  • Set the location of the video to the area you want to rank for if it is a local term. For instance in the Horry County example we would set it to Horry County
  • Add the search term a few times in the description of the video

As you can see this gets pretty involved. These are just some of the “on page” steps. We will go more in depth in the future but if you have a video you want to rank right away it will probably be easier to get a done for you video ranking service these are really reasonable and you are handing it off to people that do this for a living.

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

So we’ve established what video ranking is, and how to do it we still need to answer the question: How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It.

Ranking your video alone is not enough. It must also keep people engaged, explain what you have to offer, sell them the product or service, and leave a lasting memory of your brand. This is where having a quality video comes in. Making a video may seem like a daunting task but it is actually super easy to make a high quality video that will represent a specific business.

So the single most important thing in making a video that converts is having a memorable intro or outro. This is just a few second clip at the beginning or end of your video that shows your brand logo in a fun or creative way. Here are a couple of different ones I created for my SEO client consulting business

Don’t those look awesome? You could honestly make some good money just selling those to other people! I know what you are thinking though… “I don’t have any tech skill and don’t have the money and time to invest in a bunch of software and courses teaching me how to make them” and I hear ya; I don’t either… but I made both of those in a total of about 10 minutes using an app called Viddyoze it is super simple to use. You just throw in your logo and a headline and it spits out a video just like that in a few minutes. Check out a demo of how easy it is:

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

Its really awesome and is one of the best software investments I have made in a long time. It is actually on sale right now so I can’t recommend enough that you go ahead and pick it up right away

>>> Click Here To Get Viddyoze For A Limited time <<<

Now that we have an understanding of what video ranking is, why it is important, and the software to create intros and outros the next step is to create the bulk of the video itself.

There are 2 different kinds of videos we can do for businesses: A video for an existing business. Or a niche video that we intend to rank and then later rent to a business (this is a great way to make easy cash).

I am not going to lie; creating a video can be time consuming and require you to learn a bunch of different types of software and maybe have some specialized equipment. If you have the time and the budget for that, by all means go for it but that’s not me so I had to find other alternatives.

To create a video for a business that already exists the best, and most inexpensive way to get a really nice video made is to purchase this service I have purchased from him over, and over again and have gotten professional quality videos that he could be charging hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for. You simply give him the URL of the website you want to make a video from and he will take care of the rest.  Check out an example of a video he made for me in like 30 minutes.

Excellent right? This has saved me thousands of dollars and hours trying to sort this out on my own; if you have the skill to do this yourself then by all means go for it, but I think this is the best deal out there.

How To Rank Your Youtube Video In Google And Make Money With It

I feel that this is piece is getting pretty long so we will wrap up for now but I will be back on Friday July 1st for part 2 where we will talk about how to create and rank videos and make a profit by renting them out to businesses, until then I am going to leave you with some homework:

    1. Pick up Viddyoze I really cannot stress this enough it will be the best app investment you ever make
    2. Get a video made by hokidsirem
    3. Add an intro or outro you created in Viddyoze to the video hokisdirem makes for you
    4. Follow the on page video ranking list from earlier in this post
    5. (Optional) Rank it with the done for you video ranking service

Then when I return you should have a video for a business or website, have a nice intro for it, and have started the process of getting it ranked!

I will see you back here then in the meantime follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

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