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How to Get Clients With Cold Email


How To Get Clients With Cold Email

How to Get Clients With Cold Email:

How I signed 5 New Clients, in December! Using nothing but COLD EMAIL.

The most effective client getting method I have ever found!
You’re struggling to get clients, you suck at cold calling and even if you wanted to you couldn’t because you are stuck in a day job where you can’t make calls anyway.

Sound familiar? It does to me… that was my life less than a year ago. I wanted to build a career in SEO, I knew how to rank sites… but I couldn’t figure out how to get clients.

I tried cold calling, visiting agencies like, tried Facebook ads, Linkedin and every shiny object product of the month and nothing worked. Every forum and group I was a part of said that emailing cold prospects was a waste of time… but I had tried everything else and since I was stuck at a desk job all day I had the time so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose… the results I got really blew my mind.

Emailing business owners is…

FREE: You just need an email account and a web browser

Easy: Once you find the right email copy and prospects all you have to do press send!

Fast: You can get through hundreds of emails in a day

Once I figured out that this worked I decided to find ways to streamline the process and get to even more leads and close even more clients. That’s when I found ScopeLeads and was really able to ramp up my success…


Anyone buying Scopeleads through my link will get the exact email swipes I use to close multiple clients a week!

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