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How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It)

Case Study: How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It)


How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It)

How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It): I have been pretty successful selling SEO services over the last couple of years on Source Market and other places. I sell a variety of services there and there are even more available.

A couple of weeks ago someone posted a case study in a couple of Facebook groups talking about how he built a site using Source Market services and made a few thousand dollars a month with it… it turned out he was just trying to sell his own services but it gave me the idea to do a similar study but do it with integrity and transparency and donate any profit the site makes to charity, so I started getting more information about the GoFundMe services. I asked the awesome people in my Facebook Group and got an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea so… I am going to do it! I wanted to say something more grandiose there but I drew a blank.

The Rules

Everything will be purchased from Source Market with the exception of the hosting and the web design (beyond basic setup). This will include:

I will be documenting everything along the way via a series of videos including what services I chose and why I chose them. I will provide links to each of the services as well as any other relevant resources as well.

Additional Rules

  • I won’t be recommending any of my own services (even though they are unquestionably the best) so as not to taint the data. I will however mention and link to them at the stages where I would have used one.
  • In the written portions of the study I am going to make some spelling and grammar mistakes. I don’t care, they don’t matter, and mentioning them to me will not be well received. Enjoy the information and don’t be an asshole.

The Charity

Any profit this study generates will be donated to The Mind Body Awareness Project a charity for at risk youth that helps to transform harmful behavior and lead meaningful lives through mindfulness meditation and emotional awareness. The founder of the charity Noah Levine is one of the main mentors of my life so this organization means a lot to me. Anything you can do to help them out is both helpful and appreciated.


For questions or suggestions join our Facebook group and ask away. That’s it… let’s get started!

How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It) Part#1

Keyword Research

Before we can begin building the site we need to figure out what kind of site we are building. In order to do that we need some keywords to give us a niche and a target to build our site around.

I am going to be honest I wasn’t that impressed with the services I found so if you are good a keyword research there is an opportunity for you there.

In the end I found what I think will end up being a good service keyword research service that focuses around Clickbank products.

Watch the entire process in the video below:

Update: 10/26/2016

Our keyword research guy delivered the service and had some very kind words about what we are doing with this case study.

The service was excellent as was the keyword he delivered us. You can find his service here

The keyword he gave us is “16 week marathon training schedule” to which there is a Clicbank product for that he recommended.

Watch the video below to see more.

How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It) Part#2

Buying A Domain

The next step in our case study now that we have our keyword research done for us and we know what kind of site we will be creating is to find a domain. Normally for an affiliate site like this I would buy an exact match domain (EMD) and use that extra relevance to rank it. In this case study however we are going to use a different approach and use an expired domain to build our site on. This gives us the added advantage of the power the domain already has and should give it a ranking boost.

So without further ado here is our video on expired domain research and what service we decided to buy.

Part #2a: Buying A Domain Was A Pain In The Ass

Well after nearly a month we were finally able to buy our domain from a provider on Konker (formerly Source Market). It took three different purchases and me being a jerk to a seller in order to get it done, but, finally we have our domain and can move this project forward! Check out the video below for details.

Update: 12/1/2016

And we finally have our domain purchased and our site skeleton set up! After running into all kinds of trouble getting a decent domain and finding a decent seller I finally just used one I had purchased for myself to use as a PBN. It was rough getting here, but the site is finally starting to take shape. Check out the video below for all the details.

For the service mentioned in the video you can go here

We will be back soon with some fresh content for our site and really start making this thing to rank.

How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It) Part#3

Buying Content 

In this video you get two for one! We start to flesh out the site by ordering content from the most trusted content vendor on Konker and fill out the home page and 5 posts on the site with it. Then we go ahead and begin the off page ranking of the site by researching and ordering a service that will send 6000 social signals to the home page!

Our nest steps will be to find some smaller packages to send to the blog posts pages and to order our first PBNs!

The services ordered in this video are: – Content Creation – Social Signals

How To Completely Outsource A Site (And Make Money With It) Part#4

We had trouble with the domain we purchased so we had to switch to a new domain that we bought from Namecheap you can find it at

In this video I show you the new domain, its setup, and some other information. We also order split social signals and PBN links and track our rankings. Check it out!

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