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SEO Is Better Than Shopify

SEO Is Better Than Shopify (Proof)


SEO Is Better Than Shopify (Proof)

I don’t know about you… but I am sick of hearing about Shopify from every internet marketer and their mother.

Fact is starting an SEO client consulting business is far more profitable for beginners and veterans alike.

In Day #2 Of The 30 Day Video Challenge I back this up with numbers.

Check it out:

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Chris M. Walker has been in the SEO and internet marketing space since 2013. In that time he has had several successful businesses including: Superstar SEO a 7 figure SEO consulting agency Superstar Academy an on line internet training academy Legiit Online Marketplace the fastest growing digital services marketplace on the internet. Chris has been featured on Ahrefs, Serped, and countless other publications. Chris is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Chris started in internet marketing to be an affiliate marketer and while that is no longer his main business he still enjoys it, that is the purpose of this site. Chris hope to use his businesses to realize his actual goal of helping as many people as possible and making people's lives easier and happier.